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Luykx Ultrasound BV

Luykx Ultrasound bv develops and produces ultrasound equipment for the combating of micro organisms in water. For this purpose, Luykx Ultrasound bv designs unique electronic transmitters. Where possible, these new designs are patented. Patent numbers are: nl 2000797; nl 2005505; nl 2007583 and nl 2005377. These ultrasound systems are applied in various fields.

Application examples include:

- Combating of micro-organisms found in water (algae, bacteria, fungi or viruses).

- Combating of biofilm.

- Antifouling of the hulls and box coolers of ocean-going and inland navigation vessels.

- Fouling in the lines and heat exchangers of cooling- and process water systems (algae, barnacles, mussels, oysters or biofilm).

- Wind turbine foundation posts.

- Oil- and drilling platforms.

The effective principle of this method of combating is based on the creation of high pressure by means of cavitation. The amount of cavitation produced is a measure of the quality of a transmitter. The effects of the cavitation bubbles have been made evident in a number of videos of our transmitters.

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