UltraSound AntiFouling ™

Luijkx ultrasound bv develops and produces ultrasonic equipment (USAF™) to combat (micro) organisms in water. Basic is: to limit or prevent the use of chemical agents.

Microorganisms such as: Fungi, viruses, bacteria
Organisms such as Algae, barnacles, mussels, oysters, algae, mites and larvae

Unique transmitters are being developed for the various applications.

Where these developments are not protected by know-how, a patent is applied for. Patent number double transmitter: NL2000797.
Our ultrasonic systems are used in various fields


USAF ™ units can be used in various situations, such as:

Fighting micro-organisms in wash or irrigation water in horticulture
Antifouling of the hull and box coolers of ships.
Combat mussels and oysters in the water intake pipes industry.
Combating pitting corrosion (MIC) in foundation piles of wind turbines at sea
Fight against legionella in wet cooling towers.


Improved technology

Combats algae in water

Fights pathogens

Controls larvae and mites

Environmentally friendly

Minimizes chemicals

Minimal maintenance

Long lifespan


ST Single-acting unit
Various models

DT Double acting unit
Various models

MT Multitransducer