When using industrial cooling water from rivers or sea, larva’s from mussels (zebra mussels), oysters or barnacles are also taken along. These larva’s can grow in the cooling water system and develop into adults there.

Too many crustaceans in the cooling system will reduce cooling capacity and cause clogging. This will result in extra maintenance and production loss.

The existing solution is to inject large amounts of chlorine into the system.

Normally this is not fully effective, so crustaceans will still grow in the system.

An alternative to the use of large amounts of chlorine is to place a high-power ultrasound unit (USAF™) just after the intake point. An absolutely environmentally friendly solution.

This USAF™ unit will damage or inactivate any entrained larvae, preventing them from causing damage further down the system.


Replaces chlorine

More effective

No limescale